Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Break

So I've taken the summer off from blogging...
In spite of my efforts I still haven't figured out my stupid problem.
However, I have decided I miss blogging enough to get back at it even if I can't comment.

Here are some things that have changed about me since I last blogged

1.  I have ridden my bike over 700 miles this summer!!!!

2.  I can now say I have been to Priest Lake Idaho and I loved it!!! Like seriously loved it! I an 100% sure that I would be perfectly content to live on a lake for the rest of my days!  There is something so peaceful about living on the water!

3.  I am 15lbs lighter than when I was at Priest Lake because I saw the pictures of myself and said "enough is enough girlfriend!" (Jeff has lost 12lbs!) Being able to bike and all the fresh produce has certainly helped us.  I am stressing about how to maintain our progress once winter arrives...

4.  I got an A in my first class in my Masters Program!!  Such a relief! I was completely intimidated as I began the class.  Writing that research proposal was not my idea of fun!  I begin my next class US Constitutional History on Monday

5.  My baby turned 14 and I turn 43 on Saturday....sigh.  Jeff turns 45 on Sunday and Josh 17 Oct. 5th...How is it that we are all getting so old?!

 The school year has begun and I feel so blessed to be at the same school with both my boys!
Thanks for reading. 
If you have trouble commenting please let me know on Facebook.  I am trying to fix this problem.


We are blessed!