Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I said I'd never go back....

Visiting the Atlantic. Very warm water, very hot day! I propose we switch the warm water from the Atlantic to the Pacific side since its cold out and we need something warm to swim in and give the Atlantic side our cold Pacific water because when it's so blasted hot outside the last thing you want is warm water!!!

Proof that it rains and rains hard in Florida

This is Shamu frolicing

Ahhh, happy boys

If you look very carefully you will see the Fry family screaming for their lives

I'm home. After 5 days in the sweltering heat of Florida I'm home. I don't understand how people live happily in places like Florida....and yet our family is seriously, dangerously close to moving there....again!
I'm sitting in my home in the NW with slippers on my feet, the heater purring in the background and a hot drink at my side. Yesterday I was darting from air conditioned space to air conditioned space.

Those of us living here in the Portland/Vancouver area have been complaining LOUDLY about our overly cool and wet Spring/Summer. It is June 22 and it is not "June like" at all outside. I myself even complained a bit before leaving for that great sandbar on the opposite corner of our country. But man! Consider the alternatives! It's just HOT. I would sit in the shade, perfectly still, only breathing and blinking and the sweat would roll down my back, my hands felt sticky all the time and my hair frizzed like Monica's did from Friends when they visited the Caribbean! Oh and by the way, it rained EVERY day we were there. A hot sauna like rain accompanied by fantastic lightening and thunder.

Why would we move? Will we move?

Like one in 6 Americans my husband finds himself in a position of losing his job. Due to a merger and no fault of his own he has a few months left and then poof its gone.

Apparently his dream job is in Orlando??????????? I have to admit it is a really great job and I think he deserves it. I even want him to have it...just not in Florida!!!

Side note; We lived there 21 years ago for 10 months. Yep, 10 months because I couldn't take it anymore. As we packed up and fled the State I said "I never, ever want to come back to this place. Not even for a visit!" Hmmmmmmmmmm

We have known about his job situation for several months. My husband has faithfully applied, and followed up on every possible lead in the beautiful NW. Nadda, zip, nothing is turning up!

So we flew out. Packed up the kids and decided to enjoy a free trip on them to go visit. "They" even threw in amusement park tickets. We packed a lot in. We visited schools, looked at houses, walked on the Cocoa Beach, visited a church, spent time with dear friends who drove 8hrs from Georgia to hold my hand and let me cry on their shoulder, watched Shamu frolic and play at Sea World and drove to Tampa to be terrified on roller coasters at Busch Gardens.

The kids and I wondered why the put such fun places in such a hot place????

My husband spent an entire day being interviewed. I really wanted to go. I thought I would be helpful in convincing "them" that they did not want to hire Jeff simply because they did not want to deal with his crazy wife! But he insisted I stay behind with the kids and do wifey things...
Naturally he loved the job and the people. They said in an unofficial way they loved him and would call next week...which is now this week. I want the phone to ring, but I don't want the phone to ring...

Are we moving??? I don't know. My husband feels torn between his career and his families happiness. For the record I am being a VERY supportive wife. Seriously! I'm AMAZING! But I think he knows the bubble might pop and he doesn't want to deal with the mess when that happens if we actually move.
Have I mentioned that I lived in the South for 9 years prior and prayed every day to come back to the NW???!!!


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  2. Great memories of us starting out. I love the frizzy hair. I remember riding that little tourist train near Royal Gorge, Colorado. Driving across the country in a little white Dodge Colt with no air conditioning. It was the best of times...it was the worst of times...as they say.

  3. Awwwwwww, Shelly. This blog makes me smile and be sad at the same time. What does the future hold for y'all??? Only God knows, and He will be right there, wherever "there" is. What a tough place for all of you right now. Nothing lasts forever, including the "wait" for an answer, but I know this is driving you crazy. So sorry, my precious friend! Love each and every one of you!

  4. LOVE it! I agree with Connie: makes me laugh and be sad all at once! You KNOW what I am praying for. But, we shall wait and see what comes and then, go with it. I'll visit ALOT!!! Have no fear of that NOT happening. Love you long long time!