Sunday, May 27, 2012

Heart attack!

Yesterday was lovely...

I decided to stay in my jammies and not go to church...
An act of rebellion...

Jeff and I had been invited up to Mt. Hood for a surprise birthday party for some friends who happened to have our youngest camping with them for the weekend.  After the surprise and a yummy lunch Jeff and I headed out for a hike.

We chose Ramona Falls.  We have hiked it a time or two with the boys when they were little. But it has been at least 10 years since we had been back. Its a beautiful 7 mile hike and we noticed how much easier it was to do without carrying/coaxing our little ones along

Really cool rock cliffs along the way.  The colors in the rocks are amazing

After about 2 hours of vigorous hiking this is the reward.  The mist of the falls rains on you and cools you down.  Its amazing!

 A few years back the Zigzag and Sandy rivers flooded up here. It was amazing to see how much those floods had changed the landscape up there.
 Self portrait :)

 Pesky clouds wouldn't burn off but if you look up the canyon you can see snow that is the South slope of the peak of Mt. Hood.  If it had cleared we would of had a fantastic view of the summit.
We didn't get back to the car until 8 pm, but it was beautiful.  Apparently there had been a bear wandering about but sadly we did not see him/her.

I had submitted my paper on Wed.  So I have been checking to see if it had been graded...
When we got home I checked and saw that it had been returned.  I was too scared to look at the grade so I had Jeff do it...there was a long pause...then he said 95 out of 400.  I was stunned. I wanted to vomit. How could it be?  My overall grade had gone from 97% to 64%...which meant it would all be for nothing...I would have to redo it...

Happily it was a horrible mistake and I received 95% on my paper.  I secretly believe it was one last jab my professor was taking at my mental know teachers are mean unreasonable people! ;p


Saturday, May 26, 2012

I can breathe!

Oh man I am feeling good!
I hope you are too!
I am holding my breath waiting for my paper to be graded...but it is no longer on my to do list.
School responsibilities are all caught up until I give finals on Wednesday so I have a weekend of frivolity in front of me :)

Last night Jeff came home early and the sun was shinning and I was excited about a bike ride.
Then as I was talking to Jeff I glanced out the back windows to the sunny yard and noticed it was raining...a passing shower we thought...It turned into a 3 hour thunderstorm!

If your from these parts you know that just doesn't happen around here and while I was disappointed to not ride ( I got a jog in instead, between showers) it was awesome! I love a good thunderstorm!

We were invited to a friends house for dinner and it was lovely! Yummy food, relaxed conversation, laughter, the perfect beginning to the weekend.

Today we are invited up to Mt. Hood for a surprise bday party. We will squeeze out a hike while we are up there. 

Jeff has Monday off and has taken Tuesday off as well!

Yea for a 4 day weekend!


Monday, May 21, 2012


Why do trees in my yard fall over?
3 times in the 9 years we have lived here I have looked outside and discovered I had a tree down.

Today my doorbell rang and one of the adorable neighbor boys notified me that my tree had fallen over.
It was an UGLY tree but it was tall and a tree and now it will be bare...
Oh well.

In other news...

I see a light at the end of the tunnel and for the first time in awhile I don't think it is a train.  My paper is due next Sunday.  It is written! I am now in the edit stage...I was brave and handed it to my boss who is notorious for marking up papers...

I am checking things off my to do list right and left and I feel the elephant on my chest getting lighter

-last SA event - check
-last lecture/power point prep for Gov. class -check
-last class taught to senior class - check
-final written for senior class - check
-last assignment (other than paper) completed for Masters class - check
-Garden planted-check!

Potatoes, onions, peas, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, basil, catnip, sunflowers - so exciting!!!

I'm so ready for summer! Bring it!


Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm Back

Remember me?
Sorry, life is a bit hectic and I have missed blogging...
There is plenty to say...

But sometimes its better not to say...

Anyway, today someone asked about buying one of my pictures :)
Which made me very, very happy :)
This was two days after a friend had asked me over to sign pictures for her.  Her house is FULL of my pictures and I have to say it is a thrill!

I have another friend who has asked to buy one of my owl pictures...

This summer my plan is to have a professional website up and figure out how to get more organized in my photography.
I'm excited and impatient.
I would much rather mess with my pictures than be a student right now


23 days until my paper is due and I am done for the summer!

Switching gears....

I was looking through old pictures tonight and ran across these...

Which reminded me that I once had two little boys and I'm wondering where I put them?
It hurts my heart! These were taken in 2005 almost 7 years ago...
Before girlfriends and broken hearts
Before braces and high school pressure
Before they were taller than me...

Speaking of growing up...
Big news Josh now has a car!
Prayers are requested for all involved.
Ty seems the most excited about it...not sure why...

The boy is 5 months away from 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did that happen?

So this is the car to watch out've been warned.
And if you see any shenanigans this mother should know about my phone better ring friend!