Thursday, October 14, 2010

One thing led to another and another...

My sick day wasn't at all like I had envisioned it.  In fact I never once sat on the coach and I didn't make any progress with "Great Expectations" and I'll tell you why.

It's because I had a massage scheduled...

I have a bad neck.  I have spent thousands of dollars going to various people, I've been manipulated, electrocuted, injected, twisted, you name it (except acupuncture, not going there!) I've tried it.  What I have finally concluded is that a monthly massage is the most helpful and least expensive.

So since I had a massage I had to get up shower, shave (because I just don't want my mesuse getting cut on my stubble!) dress and head out the door when all I really wanted to do was sit on the couch...

The massage was worth getting up for but on the way to the massage my gas light came on...sigh I have to get gas.  Might as well go to Costco for gas and if I'm at Costco gas I might as well go into Costco and get some groceries we need...While checking out at Costco the checker asked if anyone had told me I looked like that movie star....he paused searching for her name,  I knew who he meant I had heard it before, however it had been awhile.  Geena Davis....I don't see it but in my life I've had probably 10 strangers say it...I'll take it.  Wish I could post a picture of her here...can't figure it out.

Then I was hungry and had 31 Global Studies tests with me so I went to Subway ate lunch and graded papers.

Then as I walked out to my car I noticed there was still blue/white writing all over the windows from our WW weekend and I better go through the car wash.

Then on the way home I realized I still needed to swallow my pride and talk to the optometrist about bifocals...and the Verizon store is right there and I need to talk to them about why everyone else gets my text except Josh...That just won't due.  That needs to be fixed immediately!

So by the time I'm headed home it is 3:30 and the sun is shinning and my 60 bulbs need to be planted...So I planted bulbs.  In the spring I'll be so glad I did!

And then I picked my two pumpkins!  They are so pretty! I'm still so excited about these pumpkins!

Then I sat down on a chair and finished grading tests, while I texted my friend in California who is also a teacher and had the opportunity to sit down with one of her kids parents... Cindy Crawford! How weird would that be?

Wish I looked like Cindy Crawford!

Today my throat feels better but I sound like Demi Moor... ;)



  1. I'm sure Cindy Crawford was who the checker meant to say that you looked like. :) I'm sorry you didn't get any relaxed reading done!

  2. Beautiful pumpkins, by the way!

  3. Thanks Jo! Cindy and I do both have moles on our faces! :)