Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's Next?

I was so relieved to have FF behind me.  I had allusions of chilling on the SA front for awhile and begin focusing on the growing pile of neglected papers on my desk...

Then I was asked these questions yesterday;

~Can you supervise us after school so we can practice our skit to announce the banquet tomorrow?
~How much are we charging for the banquet?
~Do we charge teachers? How much? What about those that HAVE to be there to supervise?
~How far is it?
~How much will they charge us for the bus?
~Who will drive the bus?
~Where is the Kodiak mascot suit?  (????)

Then I had to ask these questions;

~What are the dress code issues for this banquet?
~What exactly defines backless???
~Is halter OK?
~How short is too short?
~How exactly am I to explain to the student body tomorrow that the girls breasty parts are not to be showing?!
~Who will drive the bus?
~How much will it cost us?
~Where is the Kodiak suit?
~Do I really have to do this????

Heads up...I'm gonna whine....
I'm Part Time...
I teach and get paid for 2 classes...
My schedule says I "work" 3 days a week...

Let's begin with last Friday:

I taught my two periods (only 54 min...half day) but I was there from 8 am until 5:30 pm

Sat I was at the school from 6pm until midnight

Monday (one of my official days "OFF") I had teacher in service

Tue: I taught my two classes and organized the "ticket count" at lunch.  Which meant I was hungry all afternoon...not a good thing! I supervised a skit practice and tried to answer difficult banquet questions...
It wasn't until 8pm that I stopped with the counting and watching my husband whip up a snazzy spread sheet regarding the ticket count.  All this so I can report to my colleagues tomorrow what their "take" from FF was...

Wed, My day OFF! Not, I have to go in because SA is announcing the banquet and I have to explain to teenage girls, in front of teenage boys, that when they (the girls) bend over we do not want to see things hanging out from the back or the front! Keep the breasty parts covered!

Thur, Teach - a "regular" day, I think...

Fri, Teach

Oh, and my oldest officially has a "girlfriend". I don't care if he is 16, I'm not ready for this!

Thanks for letting me vent



  1. You can always ask Melissa to come over and give the banquet attire speach, I'm sure she would know exactly what to say! As for everything else, it always seems to do WAY more than we are 'paid' for. I personally think the last line is the worst... stay strong, book club is only one week away!

  2. Oh Shelly... thanks for venting!
    Feeling for you big time and sending bunches of hugs & prayers your way.
    re Josh... at least he waited until 16... hopefully there will be less drama this way... and hopefully "she" is LM. :)