Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Wedding

On Sunday Jeff and I headed to Parkdale for a wedding...

For those of you who don't know Parkdale is south of Hood River or further up the north side of Mt Hood.

It was photographers dream.  I only had my small camera for the ceremony so its a bit washed out. 
It was a small group so everyone had great seats :)

The reception was in a barn behind the ceremony and it was lovely!

The Bride was gorgeous!

I love this shot! I was rooting for 3 of these girls and one of them snagged it...

I love Christina's expression! (the one on the left)  I love how Sonja (in yellow) is pretending to be happy for Michelle...

During the reception the sun came out so I snuck out with my "good" camera

 This is one of the cabins that you could stay in.  I wish I had a picture of the inside it is adorable!  I gave my husband strong hints (ok, I told him) that I would love to stay here some weekend!

If the weather had been warmer the reception would have been here.  A lovely spot but I think the barn was equally lovely!

It was a lovely place and I totally want to live there!

The wedding was lovely.  It's so fun to see former students of mine find love and get married! I've enjoyed several weddings over the past few years. I always feel so privileged to be part of their big day!


Friday, May 27, 2011


Yesterday I was sitting at my desk when I glanced down at my left hand

I often look at my 15 year anniversary ring.
I have loved it for 7.5 years. I love the way it sparkles, I love what it represents...
and now I'm looking at a gaping hole in the middle of it...

About 6 years ago the same thing happened...
I was at Starbucks with my friend Shannon and I had just been to the bathroom and had washed my hands
I sat down at the table and shannon noticed something fall to the table, my diamond.

So for several years following that I was very good about having my ring checked twice a year
It actually crossed my mind on Wed.  I walked right past the jewelry store and thought about stopping but didn't...grrrrr

I was so shocked to look down and see it gone!  When had I lost it? Just then? In the shower? While I was teaching? In the car? On the sidewalk?  My students were very sweet and carefully searched the floor of the classroom and my office...I've searched my bed and home...No luck :(

In other news, Tyler is coming home today!  I miss that kid and I'm anxious to hear how his trip went!

Today is my last day of class at CAA
In the end you look back and so much has happened it's hard to believe it's over!
I'm gonna miss teaching these guys!

 I give them their final exam next Wed and then graduation is in a week...

Don't get me wrong, I will miss them but having summers off is why I became a teacher ;)


Thursday, May 26, 2011


I still have two tulips hanging on...
I'm sure our cool weather has helped their longevity

I love, love the flowers this time of year!

They show up rain or shine...


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tribute and goodbye

Music is not my "thing"


I know, I know....

I just wasn't born with any kind of ear, tone, rhythm or anything remotely having to do with music...

While I enjoy listening to music...My ipod is not my constant companion and I don't have a clue how to download music...

While I did play in the band... music is a mystery to me...it is that thing out of my reach...I remember playing in the band at PAES for some unknown reason I was assigned the bass drum (oh I know, that's where they put the kids who can't play anything else) 
I remember I was terrified because I could not keep the rhythm so the band directer would literally have to point to me each time I was to hit that drum...Before that was piano, flute, clarinet and about 2 min of guitar (it hurt my fingers) All I have to show for it is I can pick out a song on the piano...

When I was a teenager I used to fantasize about being up front singing my heart out...
In fact I remember my preteen years singing at the top of my lungs with Barbara Streisand and Olivia Newton John
and then reality hit...

If you know me you know that I'm not being modest, I'm not trying to coax encouraging words out of you...I am living in the land of reality folks and I'm OK with it.

And yet I have given birth to two boys who both have not only a love of music but a talent for it as well...When I first realized this I was terrified...how would I help them?

Fortunately, we have been blessed with an amazing music teacher, Susan Byers.  She has coached and encouraged both of my boys down the music trail.
She offered free guitar classes which got Ty started on an instrument he was born to play.
She encouraged Josh to try new instruments before deciding on the French Horn.

In my opinion she has the worst job imaginable!  How on earth does she face each day with all of that noise and unruliness?  But she has done it here in our community for the past 10 years...and now she's leaving...

Our loss...Thunderbird Academys gain...

She will be greatly missed!  I am so grateful to her!

On another note...my boy is headed off to his 8th grade trip.  He will be gone for two nights and the most of 3 days... he's the one that doesn't leave me, it is gonna be so weird that he is gone...
It will be good for him and it's part of growing up, but man it will be empty around here! No guitar playing, no rumaging in the kitchen, no begging for a hot breakfast...I'm missing him already...He hasn't even left...

He's going here...there's no cell phones, no way to contact him...

Excuse me I need to go make my baby a hot breakfast...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A list

Tripartite = 3 parts. I realized I hadn't followed up with that, so know we know :)

Yesterday I found a headless mouse in the garage...gross but I'm thankful it's dead

Today in class their projects "Africa in a can" are due...

The sun is supposed to shine today...

Tonight we have to pack up my baby because he is leaving for his class trip...

Tonight we also go to MGAES music program...the last one for us...we have been going to two MGAES music programs per year for the past 11 years!  I can't believe this is the last one!

Last night I told Ty he had to go to bed, he said "why?" I said because "you are a grade schooler and you need your sleep"  He loved that one!

It's official, the accident was not Jeff's fault so that is good news :) (except I did like giving him a hard time)

I'm rambling....


Monday, May 23, 2011

This Week

1.  Tonight Volleyball!

2.  Tue night is Ty's music program

3.  Wed morning Ty leaves on his class trip...

4.  Wed evening is Josh's program (note this will be the last time I have to go to two music programs! Next year both boys have the same schedule!)

5.  This is my last week teaching my sophomores.  I have grown to love those brats even more and I'm gonna miss having them in class next year!

6.  I have one week left to wrap things up and get them ready for the FINAL!

Ignore the backdrop...it is left over from the senior class auction... This is the class of 2013!

The sophomores did a play entitled "What we don't"  It was 99% dialogue and it was cool.
It had a message and they nailed it.

The message being; there are things we could do but we don't because of common sense, or more concrete reasons... and there are things we don't, for silly, and no good reasons...

While the sophomore class sat on stage and performed the rest of the school sat quietly, LISTENING, it was beautiful....

And maybe even more impressive, is that these squirrely, easily distracted, restless bunch stayed focused for the 30 min it took them to perform...

Ahhhh, they are growing up...


Friday, May 20, 2011

Sun-- it just warms my soul

The Northwest

Many, many people don't understand why I love living in the NW so much
All they see is the rain

And yes, I admit we have a lot of rain and it gets tiresome. However, it is times like these that makes it all worth it
This weeks weather has been what we have all been waiting for
Perfect sunny mornings to wake up to
Gorgeous sunny afternoons

I'm telling you...there is no where else for me!


The majority of my garden is planted!
If you know me at all you know how thrilled I am to have my garden in!

Tonight we will plant the tomatoes and peppers
I still need to find some basil and cilantro

Yesterday I worked hard at school I didn't even have time for lunch
So I could rush out the door and head home to plant my pumpkins
It's difficult to see in the picture but I have 8 mounds in my garden

They are much closer to each other than they should be but I'm a greedy pumpkin
farmer and I'm hoping it all works out
I planted 8 different varieties and I really, really hope to see the white and blue/green pumpkins as well as the orange ones next fall!

Glimpse into a teachers day

I love working with kids...
I really do
But sometimes....like towards the end of a school year...I'm running out of patience

Once upon a time a student wanted to do something for a large group of fellow students
I said ok, what do you want to do and when do you want to do it?  He/she said I'm not sure...
I said ok, well think about it and get back to me...but there is only a month of school left so
it has to be quick...
This happened at least two more times...
Finally, I got the student to write down a plan, commit to a time...
I took it through the processes of approval and it was all set.

Now, let me pause to say that at CAA we really encourage student leadership.  The expectation is that the advisers are there to advise, not do all the work.  We step in when needed but led the kids lead.
What this student wanted to do shouldn't have needed any other help from me...

Now it is the day of the "event" and I get a text at 7am asking "who is picking up ***) hmmm good question, I assumed that was taken care of.  I texted back and said I'm in class I can't do it...

Flash forward to 20 min before the event
I run into student and NOTHING has been done

I'm so ready for summer vacation....


Thursday, May 19, 2011


 I'm losing my baby...
Look at him!
Man I would love to be able to scoop him up and squeeze him!
He is one handsome, hunky young man!
Look at his expression! It kills me!
It seems one beautiful lady is not enough for him, he can't keep them away ;)
Actually, Ty and his class had their dinner/banquet
They are all so cute!
And in just a few short weeks they are graduating and leaving grade school behind forever...
How is this happening already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you're keeping track (I know I am!) my husband has now wrecked two cars in the past year
I have to shake my head and gloat
I have taken a lot of grief over the years for my driving...My excellent all be it fast driving...
I would like to say a ticket is cheaper than body repair...
I am very thankful that he always gets into slow speed, non injury accidents...
I'm wondering when I need to take his license away...
And I thought it was gonna be scary having a teenage driver!

I realize that what happend to him so easily could have happened to me...
But it didn't...
Love you babe!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This morning I got out of bed at 6:30
It was an easy decision
I woke up and it wasn't dark, it wasn't raining
It was nice to wake up to

Then I decided I would walk around the "estate" to see what was happening
I love spring

 One of my favorite things in our yard is the dogwood tree.  It is pink and white and it's fabulous!  It's not in full bloom yet, but I get so excited each spring when it comes back to life after it's long winter sleep...
 I estimate it to be about the same age of the house which means its 32 ish (jeesh even my "old" trees are younger than me!)
I'm terrified that each year it will be the last
How long do dogwoods grow?
 Gerber Daisies just make me smile...
 Those my friends, are baby raspberries!  I cannot wait to gobble those up!
 My garden is sprouting and I'm so excited!
I remember last year, the weather, the drama, (are we moving are we staying do I plant?)
 No that's not grass it's carrots
 Potatoes!  I'm really excited about the 'taters.  I've only grown 'taters once before and it was a fabulous success.  So great to pull stuff out of the garden and eat!
 My beloved wisteria is full of these fuzzy, caterpillar looking blossoms.  Very soon it will be an explosion of long flowers and fantastic scent!
 Lilacs!  I love, love lilacs! Gorgeous!
I hope your day is filled with beautiful things!
Take some time to smell the flowers!