Monday, July 2, 2012

50 miles....

Yesterday I accomplished a goal
It feels good to set a goal and go for it and be successful.
Thre are so many times when I tell myself I will accomplish this or that and don't...
So its good to be really specific about what you want to do and go for it...

I have set several goals for this summer -
Two of which are

1. Establish photography business - have you checked out ? - This goal is not "accomplished" but I have made progress in that direction.

2. Ride 50 miles on my bike. Yesterday I rode 50 miles on my bike - 50.2 miles to be specific. Previously my longest ride had been 42.  I'll be honest and say those last 10 miles were mentally and physically challenging! If it had been 50 FLAT miles (which it was NOT) my crotch, hands, feet, neck would have still hurt after 3.5 hours on the bike but with hills sprinkled throughtout ~ beginning, middle and end ~ my legs were on fire!  And while I will admit to some whimpering as I approached the last two hills...I am still so proud to have accomplished this goal. Its good to know I can do it...and now I don't ever have to do it again! :)

Most days my goals are decidedly less clean out a cabinet or two or weed the garden or do the laundry (which compared to some of these I would rather ride 50 miles...) But regardless of the list it always feels good to accomplish something you set your mind to! 


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  1. Congratulations on 50 miles! That's awesome and it should feel good!!