Thursday, December 16, 2010

In the beginning...

Once upon a time..
In a land not so far away (Brush Prairie)
A girl met a boy at a church potluck (very romantic)

That boy had his brother call the girls friend who
then called the girl to ask if she would come over the boys house
for a "youth event"

They watched Hang em High (Clint Eastwood) and ate
Strawberry pie...
The girl was very smitten with the boy, even though she had grave
concerns regarding his movie choices...

The boy was very smitten with the girl,
for she was very beautiful and Witty...

The boy managed to muster up the courage to pick up the phone himself and call her...
They went to basketball games, and concerts...
Drove to the beach and started kissing...

Then the boy left for college
telling the girl "don't get to attached"  (he'll never live that down)
The girl had the boy back by Christmas...

The girl and boy continued kissing for the next 3.5 years
and then they got married...

December 18, 1988

They've been happily kissing ever since ;)



  1. That's too fun. Love this post!

  2. You guys are perfect for each other. I felt that from the start. Happy Anniversary.

  3. I love your story! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy "kissing"--for many more years to come. You guys are the bestest couple. Glad you got together way back then and are a part of our lives now. ( your son is snoring by the fire at our house now--yes snoring!) Hope you are having a happy day!!