Thursday, September 9, 2010


As I've mentioned it's been a busy week.

I still feel way behind and overwhelmed as I'm sure you do as well.

When I feel that way I like to think about what I did do.

I think we should all do that because we are amazing! We accomplish a pile of stuff and all we can think of is what we didn't get done...

So in an effort to change I will list what I accomplished yesterday...It will not be a complete list, I'll leave out some details that I'm sure you don't care to know ;)

1. I learned that if/when using question marks or exclamation marks you should use one or three!!! Who knew???

2. I showered and got dressed

3. Made the bed, did the dishes, made lunches for the kids (well actually handed out $$ for hot lunch)

4. Drove around BG looking for foam balls which I had forgotten to go get yesterday at Michaels for a class activity

5. Learned that there are no foam balls in BG!!!

6. Went to Starbucks!

7. Graded many papers, wrote emails to parents, planned for class

8. Had class where I attempted to be educational and entertaining...

9. Handed out sweatshirts to SA officers - they look really cool :)

10. Had lunch at Subway, 6" sandwich, Dr. Pepper and 2 choc chip cookies...

11. Taught my second class

12. Outlined the next section of the chapter and wrote Friday's quiz

13. Came home, went back to school, came home again, sent some emails.

14. Decided on soup and grilled cheese for dinner

15. Started a load of laundry

16. Ate soup and grilled cheese which wonderful husband made

17. Took dog for a walk and debriefed with hubby regarding his job interview!!!!!!! (sometimes 3 is jut not enough! Rule be darned!)

18. Rotated laundry (I hate laundry)

19. Encouraged kids to stop fighting, do their homework and clean up after themselves!!!!! (again 3 just not enough!)

20. Remembered that kids can be helpful and told Ty to unload the dishwasher

21. Reminded hubby that he is camping all weekend with a bunch of teenagers and he better pack tonight...

22. Was relieved that I wasn't camping this weekend...

23. Folded a load of laundry

24. Brushed my teeth

25. Went to bed

Have an awesome weekend!!!


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