Monday, January 30, 2012

The wild side...

It was a lovely evening...but I had a lot to do...I was out of my comfort zone, I wanted to get all dolled up and lacked the resources...I had the dress and the shoes but I didn't know what to do with myself!

In desperation on Friday afternoon, I called my friend Shannon to come help me with my hair.  I had no clue she was a pro at hair!  She showed up with her bag of hair stuff and went to work.  Trying out various do's which I would then model for my guys getting various feed back...

Earlier when I had been experimenting with my makeup and had much too dark lipstick on, my overly honest 14 year old took one look at me and said "what is up with your face?"  I told him it was "make-up" and he said "you look better without it" He's gonna be someones dream man some day....

Shann and I decided to wear my hair up and she put it into a french roll of which I have a picture on my phone but can't figure out how to get it here. It was pretty with a sparkling barrette. She did a fantastic job and it stayed up all night! I pulled 25 bobby pins out of my head when I got home :)

Finally I was shaved, perfumed, made up, hair done, jeweled and was a lot of work!

We headed out to the big city and arrived at the party during the "cocktail hour"  people were already well on their way to "happy hour"  Jeff and I don't drink so we sipped our "virgin" drinks and noticed the volume in the room getting louder :)

It was fun looking at everyone elses dresses and the food was good.  But as the alcohol kept flowing things got more interesting....

Jeff was enjoying seeing his employees in a different light...People were loosening up :)
One group of ladies got up and sang karaoke "baby got back"  have you read those lyrics? Totally X-rated!   Good grief!

I met another nurse who is on a roller derby team.  She is the cutest little thing with a tattoo and can belt out Pat Benetar once given a mic...

Jeff was constantly whispering in my ear about how these girls are always dressed so conservatively at work and how eye opening this evening was for him :)

Jeff and I ended up in a Texas Hold 'em tournament.  He turned out to be a card shark while I was the first one out and resorted to being the lovely girl at his side (think James Bond) while he played ;)

Between the food, Karaoke, dance floor, Texas Hold'em tournament there was plenty going on.  I kept thinking I wish we could have a poker tournament at our banquets that would be fun! :)

Towards the end of the evening Jeff and I came across one of his employees which resulted in an awkward moment.... I don't think she saw me because of my Cinderella shoes I was lagging behind...anyway she saw my husband and I noticed her breasts coming right at him...she threw her arms around him and just when Jeff was pulling back to maintain a healthy boss employee relationship she held on tighter, pulled him closer and kissed him on the cheek, then when he tried to pull away again she held on and said "no now I have to kiss the other side"  I was amused as I stood there and watched this girl maul my husband, who was clearly way outside his comfort zone...

Then she spotted me and said..."oh is this your wife?" "to which I though yes you tramp!" ;) and proceeded to give me the double cheek kiss...

It was supremely awkward and hilarious at the same time.  Jeff told me on the way home that if she remembers the encounter she will be mortified.  He said she is the sweetest and quietest employee and he truly believes she would die of embarrassment. 

I just love sending my man off to work with a bunch of nurses who apparently are just a few drinks away from mauling him... :)

I wished I had my camera but didn't feel it went well with my dress and so we only have a few "posed" pictures of the evening.  It was fun hanging out with my man :)



  1. Already told you you look STUNNING... but I better get it on the blog so you have record of it! :)

    Blog tip: In your message section on your phone add contact "blog" and then add your blogs address... and then when you have a photo you want on your blog you just send it like a text message, but it will send it to blogger and then you can go to your posts... it will be there as a "draft" Let me know if it works...

    as for the "timid, sweet boob lady" let's just say this, she may need to consider forgoing the whole drinking thing...

    It must have been especially rewarding to know that you looked so hot... and to watch the whole interaction!!! :) I love it!

    and nice to know that your hubby only has eyes for you! Love you guys... but I am not kissing either one of you!

  2. Too Funny! Drinking at a work event = never a good idea. LOL Suzanne's parting line cracked me up as much as the visual image Shelly gave of the whole encounter. Thanks for sharing!