Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Soccer Mom

Hooray it's soccer season again!

I love, love being a soccer mom!

Josh and Ty both began playing soccer in 3rd grade.That means I've been a soccer mom for 8 years and I hope to have 4 more after this year.

I don't care if it rains or is cold I'm just happy to be there.

I have learned the art of being prepared

umbrella - check

gloves - check

chair - check

scarf - check

camera - check

umbrella - check

rain coat - check

Did I mention umbrella????

Somewhere early on Josh was put into the goalie box as the "keeper" (you don't call them goalies anymore)

It is stressful being the mom of the "keeper" There is a lot of pressure when those balls get by him...He is hard on himself and my heart squeezes when it happens. But no one on the team or on the sidelines has ever said anything bad about him when he misses a shot, or two...or four in the case of yesterdays game.

But it is so fun to watch him when he is successful

As I have been hanging out on the sidelines all these years I have come to really look forward to hanging out with the other soccer parents. Some of us have been together since the beginning others joined later. We have memories from seasons gone by and I feel like we are in a special club. We all root for each others kids and support them 100%

We laugh and cheer and talk and eat snacks and sometimes go out to eat after. What will I do when I'm not a soccer mom anymore??? I'll have to adopt someone....

Last night was the Kodiaks first game. Ty's team, the Mustangs will have thier first game next Tue and sadly Jeff and I will have to split up because Josh and the Kodiaks will also be playing...
I can't wait for them to be on the same team again!

I love capturing goofy poses....

Look at that effort!

This is the terrifying part...I have been fearful for years that one of these days Josh is gonna get a cleat right in the face...
He's so aggressive. Charging out and throwing himself in harms way. I wonder where that comes from?? He has a mother who has told him his entire life to be careful and not run in front of things that will hurt him!

So far, so good. If you look close he has the ball under his belly. Number 13 really wanted that goal. He was charging full on when Josh dove for the ball. Thankfully, he held back at the last minute and flipped over Josh instead. Thank you #13 for not smashing my boys face. I really appreciate it!

Stay tuned for many more soccer pics.

Last night they lost 3-4

Can't wait for the next game!



  1. Well put Shelly - you described what it's like to be sitting on the sidelines so perfectly. I love soccer games too. I love hanging out with the parents, cheering on all the kids. I love the memories and how comfortable it is to all share this love of the game and the kids. It's one of the highlights of the school year for us. Even tho we were one of the later arrivals we've always felt welcomed. It's a fun club and I'm thankful for it and the friendships.

  2. So glad to share it with you friend! I'm already sad to think we only have a few years left :(