Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Photo Contest

First of all, Happy Birthday Jo!  One of my "oldest" (however, she's younger than me) friends!
I hope you have a fabulous day!

I have a subscription to Budget Travel magazine.
In the last issue was an announcement for a photo contest.  A Travel photo contest...

The prize is a trip to Tanzania!
The prize includes
  • Safari in Saadani National Park
  • Volunteer activity at government school for under-privileged children
  • 2 days relaxing on Zanzibar's brilliant white beaches*
*Zanzibar is on my top 10 travel list!

So, what to do?  I have some travel pics.  But then you think about all the amazingness out there in the world and its very intimidating...If I put myself out there then I'm hopeful and that will most likely lead to disappointment and who wants disappointment?
However, if you  don't try, you'll never know...

So what the heck.  I'm going to post a few pics that I'm trying to decide on.  I can enter 5 pics.  I have posted 14 here. I would love, and really appreciate, any feedback you would offer as to what pics I should enter!

So, this one is Pisac Purses.  It won a blue ribbon at the fair :)

This one I love.  The sun on the grass, the Andes in the background

This one has gorgeous colors
I love the subject matter.  The dead pig with it's nose right against this Peruvian woman's head.  The confetti? in her hair...what's that about? The look on her face...

Not sure about this one.  I like the light and colors and I risked my life standing under this giant bird!

This one looks very National Geographic to me :) Monesterio de San Francisco, Lima, Peru

St. Johns Bridge Portland

Beacon Rock, The Gorge

The Gorge

Mt. Hood

The Loire Valley, France

I know it's gross, but kinda interesting...?

Berlin, Germany

Cusco, Peru

So, if you would, let me know your favorites.  I would really appreciate the feedback!



  1. My 5 picks are: The Andes, Pig Snout, Pelican, Monesterio de San Francisco and Mt. Hood trees. They are a combination of artistry and human interest.

  2. Wow---hard decision. My 5 favs are --the bird, Loire Valley, Monesterio de San Francisco,Purses, yarn. Good luck! Would be awesome if you won!

  3. Go for it! You absolutely should enter your pictures!!!! My 5 picks are: Monteserio de San Francisco, Pisac Purses, Beacon Rock the Gorge, St. Johns Bridge Portland, and The Loire Valley France.

  4. the first 2 are a must! the colors are so vibrant!

  5. The Purses is amazing - I also love the Loire in France, the St Johns Bridge, the beacon rock one is amazing also. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Shelly! You have such an amazing talent! You definitely need to enter the contest!

  6. Ok, because I LOVE your pictures, it was hard to pick, but mine are:
    Mt Hood Trees
    Monesterio de San Francisco
    Pisac Purses
    Grass & Andes

  7. My favorites: Andes, Beacon Rock, Mt Hood, St. Johns Bridge, Monteserio. Wonderful stuff, hard to pick.