Monday, August 20, 2012


This summer I have discovered a new LOVE!

I LOVE Instagram!
I LOVE my iphones camera!
I LOVE the two of them together!

Just to be clear I am still faithful to my first love - my NIKON - However, I don't always have it with me and my phone is so convenient and unlike my other phones I actually use this camera and I LOVE the results!

 The pic of Ty I'm using a teardrop feature, intentionally blurring everything but his face and hands...

I have about 5 cantaloupe in my garden! This is the biggest, isn't that so exciting!

 This is a perfect example of why I love my camera both the shot of Teddy and the water tower I would not have gotten because my camera was no near me at the time. Its so cool!

 Hmmm, I should probably shave... ;p
 Also growing in my garden!
 I canned peaches last week! Aren't they gorgeous! I can't wait to eat them!
 On Saturday Jeff and I were exploring the Washington Coast and discovered the cutest Cape Coddish town!
 I took Ty out on Friday for his birthday.  He is growing up... He will be 15 on the 29th. Gone are the days of playing pin the tail on the its boat trips and girls in bikinis....sigh....

So if you want to follow me on instagram I am Frychik :) If you don't have the app, download it its free and so fun!


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