Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yes, I meant to call it Walfart...
I have a need/hate relationship with this stupid store.
I need it because I can afford it
I hate it because I always leave grouchy

One or more of the following things happen EVERY time I go

1.  I arrive and have to pee so bad I race right to the is closed for cleaning every time!
2.  When I do get to use the bathroom it is never clean???
3.  My cart pulls to the right, shocks me or squeaks at a pitch that I'm certain causes hearing loss
4.  The check out person stuffs the bags full of every jar I bought and is the slowest moving human on       the planet!
5.  They are out of morning star sausage links...
6.  The produce guy is WAY to helpful...
7.  The check out guy is WAY to talkative
8.  The parking lot is a scary dangerous place
9.  I always leave feeling like I have been abused
10.  There is a person in a motorized cart trying to run me over!

So why do I keep going?  Because I can't afford Fred Meyer and Winco is even scarier!

So some day I dream of being rich enough to grocery shop every week at Fred Meyers...



  1. 11. There is ALWAYS a mom/dad/grandma screaming, cussing, hitting... their precious child... it makes me want to cry.

    I refuse to go unless it is in Walla Walla.

    The new Winco is beautiful... and the peeps there are normal... just don't get your produce there... Battle Ground Produce... support local families... who support our schools.

  2. Wow. No wonder I never go there. Sorry friend.

  3. we are kindred spirits...I AM doing the new Winco but when you're a princess you don't like to bag your own groceries!