Monday, March 18, 2013



I went to Spain - and before I left I had begun blogging again...
I had intended to blog from Spain - that would be cool I thought...
And I had every intention of blogging on a daily basis while I traveled the Iberian Peninsula and ferried across the Strait of Gibraltar to Africa....

And then I arrived in Spain and discovered how unreliable Wifi can be and I was surprised to see how long it took me just to share pictures on FB and Instagram - that kept me very busy and since I get more feedback on those sites then I ever have from here I quickly decided to abandon my blogging plans...

But now that I am back and over the bronchitis I brought home and over the jet lag and over the "springing forward" nonsense...I am amazingly stress free!

I apologize profusely to those of you who are not stress free...there is NOTHING more annoying when you are full of stress then to run across someone who is stress free - sorry

But this school year has been so STRESSFUL! and then preparing to be gone while a thrill was frankly STRESSFUL! and then coming home and being sick and tired and needing to reconnect with family and work was STRESSFUL!

But now the last two weeks have been peaceful...I feel I am back in the grove and I've made a very important decision...

One I hesitate to share because it sounds like I am a quitter -

I am bagging the Masters program!

Here's why:

1. Other than the opportunity to brag that I have my Masters in History it will do very little in assisting me in my future goals (the pay "raise" is laughable)

2. The expense - we have a child going into college this fall - I accept all donations!

3. The TIME! Holy cow! I don't know how people do it - my hat is off to you! My life is completely controlled by these classes and gets in the way of everything I love!

4. I have completed only 4 of the 13 classes required...

5. At this point I have a GPA of 4.0 and I don't want to mess it up :)

So I'm refocusing on things that matter more.
I'm more present for my family.
I'm more focused on reconnecting to those I love
I'm breathing deeper :)

Thanks for stopping by - I will be back tomorrow :)



  1. So glad you're back and blogging again!
    Also I'm very happy for you and your decision about school. Good for you!
    AND - LOVE Your pictures again! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Jill thank you! You gave me the nudge I needed to decided to stop the Masters program :) And thank you for always commenting and encouraging me as I blog :)


      Check it out!