Tuesday, March 19, 2013

People are fun

So at the beginning of my trip I found myself taking lots of pictures of buildings...
The architecture in Spain, Morocco and Portugal is amazing and so very different than what you find in America and so very out there it is natural to find yourself taking picture after picture of buildings...

These were taken at Alhambra in Granada, Spain.  It is described as the "last and greatest Moorish palaces."
It is impressive! The details are amazing and you could take pictures of them all day - but you really have to be there to understanding how amazing it is!

But after awhile you realize...
These may not be that exciting when I get home...

What I really wanted to do was to take pictures of the people - but how would you feel if I stuck my camera in your face and took your picture (you have to pretend I don't know you :)

Fortunately I'm pretty sneaky...

This little guy was adorable! The bubble man just plucked him from his mother and set him down.  He was quite fascinated with the bubbles.

These were taken in Madrid mostly in Plaza Mayor.  The plazas are fantastic places to take pictures of people!

I absolutely fell in love with the little old men over there... and one fell in love with me - I will tell you about that next time :)

 I wish I could say I remember everything our guide Aziz told us about the dress code in Morocco - I know the head and or face covering for women depends on their level of conservatism - the more that is covered the more conservative
 The woman above is bundled up in her "winter wear" it was chilly while we were there.  I love her layering technique!

One of my favorite pictures is the one above.  This was taken in a music room.  Aziz explained that men gather here with their instruments and play.  This man played beautifully.  I loved the textiles in the room and the Arabic writing on the chalkboard as well as the instruments.

Many men in Morocco also wear robes. Some with the pointy hoods (my favorite) others with no hood but a hat of some sort.

I think I could make a killing as a broom sales person in Morocco...


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