Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Frets

The weather has been rather spring like...
When it does this its hard not to start wishing winter away...
It was in the upper 60s on the coast yesterday...

I watched the world news last night...
the lead story was about the record breaking snow fall in the northeast...
A town in Massachusetts was forecasted to have 4" of snow over night...
They woke up to 14"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine??????

We had an awesome winter in 2008

I don't think its gonna happen for us this year...

I will leave you for the weekend with this list of my random thoughts...

1.  Why does snow matter so much to me?
2.   Can I ever have too many good friends?
3.  Maybe I shouldn't read so many books...I get all the details mixed up...
4.  At what point can I finally give up coloring my hair and just go grey??
5.  Is there an age that you don't worry about your weight anymore?
6.  Will my kids be ruined because they have grown up with electronics?
7.  Why am I so needy?
8.  Why do I dust?  It just comes back again?
9.  What am I gonna wear to Jeff's dinner interview????
10.  Will I get to use my flannel sheets again this winter?

Have an awesome weekend!
Thanks for reading :)


  1. I LOVE your random thoughts list! I love that you "said" everything aloud and made me feel normal. I guess my list would only have 8 items because obviously I've stopped worrying about my weight and I'm not invited to Jeff's interview.

  2. thanks for starting my weekend off right with your list of random thoughts! Loved every one of them.
    Happy Sabbath.

  3. My thoughts on your thoughts (which I loved):
    Snow is fantastic.
    Never enough good friends.
    Read 'em all. Don't sweat details.
    You'll look great grey.
    Maybe for some, but probably not for me.
    Nope. Good prep for the world to come.
    We all need stuff -- especially each other.
    The dust cycle is eternal and mysterious.
    Clothes are mere accessories to your charm.
    Predictions are hard, especially about the future.