Thursday, September 30, 2010


These are my new glasses
I'm getting older
I'm getting older and older

I used to just need my glasses when I read a lot and got a headache
Now I NEED my glasses to read a pill bottle or anything closer than 12 inches from my face.

Not only have I NEEDED glasses for several years.  Last week I had to strengthen my perscription.  My old glasses just weren't doing the job.

The good news is that my eye sight for distance is just fine.  So, with my old glasses, I would look up notice a slight difference, and then take them off. 
With my new "stronger" perscription, I look up and I'm nauseous and everything is blurry.  It's awful! I can't take them off fast enough.  When you're upfront teaching and constantly reading and then looking around the room to make sure no one has fallen asleep or has run screaming from the room, its a hazard!

The very friendly eye glasses people had offered "bifocals" to me but it just screamed "OLD" to me and I smiled a smug smile and said "no thank you".
Now I realize I'm going to have to go in with my tail between my legs and ask for bifocals.

I hate getting older...


  1. Just keep telling yourself you're not getting older you're getting better. And you are!

  2. Those are super cute glasses! And I think they make no-line bifocals for those 'younguns'!

  3. dude... I had bifocals in 3rd grade...
    you are NOT old...
    but I am thinking that I am one of the only ones without reading glasses in the FLS...
    and you are going to make a HUGE statement next month!
    thank goodness for surgery.