Monday, June 28, 2010


My view from our porch swing.

My trellis. A birthday gift from my husband. I love Wisteria! Another thing I wouldn't be able to take with me...

Here we go again... another week of waiting...

Jeff is thinking at this point that he doesn't want to go to Florida. I should be jumping up and down...I'm not???

He wonders what value to place on living where you want to. We love living here. As we have this discussion we are sitting in our backyard. We are very blessed with our location. When we bought this house 6 years ago I really thought this would be it. I was 35 at the time and I had moved some 30 times up to that point.

As we discuss our options. Option A: Take a position (if they call!) and become a Vice President (very sexy I tell him) and completely uproot our lives by moving across country to that God forsaken sandbar in the far southern corner of the country. Which means he would be employed by a company that is financially secure and offers security for the remainder 20 years of his career.
Or....Option B: Turn it down because we don't want to live on a bug infested, unbearably hot, sandbar. And continue to live here happily in our lovely corner of the country until the $$$ runs out...

The problem with option B is that there isn't any financial security. Will something turn up??? Maybe, what if it doesn't?? What then?? I don't want to think about "what then" because then I really get freaked out

So this is the reason I don't jump up and down when Jeff says "maybe I shouldn't take the job"
It's complicated...

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