Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What the kids think

Josh's birth was dramatic to say the least. Try not to notice my double chin :))

Ty's birth in comparison was a piece of cake :) (notice I'm trying to hide double chin in this pic)

Both of my kids were born in the South. I didn't plan it that way but after 5.5 years it seemed despite my pleadings with God moving back to the NW was not going to happen.

Josh was born in Atlanta. He was supposed to be born in Calhoun, with my own Dr and one of my best friends as my OB nurse but no, he had to be all dramatic and come way early. To make a very long story short he was due Nov 20 and after a failed attempt Sept 5, he was born Oct 5. He was what the Southern Drs called a whimpy white boy. He's 6'4" now....

Josh is about 3 in this pic. Those blue eyes just melt me! I still wonder where they came from...

OK I know he's my kid but come on! Cutest ever! (Not to say Josh isn't equally as cute. Because he is!)

Almost 3 years later in a much quieter and easier fashion Tyler was born in Nashville. I had myself two Southern boys. We had now been living in the South for 9 years...
Last week we flew out to Florida for my husbands job interview. They generously offered to fly all 4 of us out and included amusement park tickets to the park of our choice. How nice I thought. Until I realized it was nothing but a bold face bribe to try and get the kids on board with moving to Florida! Sneaky....

I am doing my best to not bias the kids against this move. I can't help it if they notice me when I burst into tears or when I make innocent comments like "Isn't the NW the best place on earth to live!"

The boys initial reaction to the possibility of a move to Florida was mixed. Josh, who is more like his mother than he will ever admit, was interested. Adventure, something new, interesting...but like his mother he said to me "could we try it out for a month and then decide?" Which I thought was an excellent idea!

Ty who is not fooled by anyone said immediately "NO, I don't have any friends there and I'm not going!" Which was precisely what I had been wanting to say to my husband but as noted in an earlier post I am being an AMAZING wife!

Tickets to amusement parks was exciting and they were very relieved we had decided to allow them to come. Initially I didn't think it would be healthy for them to see their mother have such open disdain for a State but then I decided it might help me in the end....

Ultimately they were not fooled. My smart boys. They did show amazing maturity. When I asked Ty (who is 12) what he thought about Florida he said "two good things. 1 dad's job 2 roller coasters" Josh also noted that he recognized this was good for dad. He however had 3 concerns 1 School begins it 7:45am 2 School requires uniforms 3. School does not have a competitive soccer program. As far as Josh was concerned 3 strikes your out!

Josh and Ty are united in their decision that they do NOT want to move.

None of us wants to move...

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  1. Shel, you are such an interesting writer. Even though I already know all the things you've written you write in such a way that I'm anxious to read more. I'm so glad you started this blog.