Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It's 8:25 am right now Jeff is meeting with a large hospital organization. The same one that bought out his practice which has put him out of a job.

They are meeting to discuss his future in their system. Jeff says it most likely wont be for any specific job just some nebulous what are your strengths, OK we will keep an eye out for you...

I want it to be for a specific job. A great job. A job like the one in Florida. Is that to much to ask for?????

Jeff told me yesterday that he was told by someone in this hospital system that his resume has been "fast tracked" meaning it has been sent out throughout this large hospital system with instructions to find Jeff an job. This is good news and I hope they hop to it!!!

They also stated they had a job opening in Medford...suddenly Florida doesn't look so bad....

Medford - Florida these are the options????

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  1. I posted a comment here but it didn't take the first time so here it is again... In my mind Medford is a lot better than Florida. Rod was just there yesterday and I could visit you a lot more. There is even a flight on Horizon between Portland and Medford if you don't want to drive the 5 1/2 hours to get there. However I am still praying for something wonderful to open up right here.