Monday, September 26, 2011

Bible Conference

There are some perks to my job...
While it was an exhausting weekend, it was fun!
While I missed my husband I loved sharing the weekend with my boys and their friends!
While I missed my own bed and there are challenges sharing a room with 10 teenage was fun!

Our meetings were held in an ampitheater.  Awesome music!

 This is Young Life's second location near Antelope, Oregon.  It just down the road from the other camp we have attended.  Which I thought was really great but I have now decided I like this one better!  It is simply amazing! Apparently they received 30 million dollars and this is what it will buy!  The accommodations are very nice and the water park is fantastic!
 Our lodging for the weekend....
 There is a nice balance of having the time to worship and learn about God with amazing music, speakers and activities there is also time to enjoy all the camp has to offer...namely the sand volleyball court!  This is my fierce vball team!
 We took 1st place in the tournament! Yes we did! Undefeated!

It was so fun to play with Josh! He is actually getting good at this sport! Obviously handed down from me :)

Ty's favorite thing was the "cliff diving" section of the water park.  He must have jumped 100 times.

 While I don't prefer the does have it's beauty...
One of my favorite "mom moments" of the trip was watching these two play together in the much hyped dodge ball tournament which takes place Sat. night.  They were intense! And focused! And on the same team!  I loved watching them communicate and work together!  Made my mom heart smile :)  After an intense championship game CAA came in 2nd in the dodge ball tournament

 The camp is an oasis of green in the middle of desert...

CAA on stage Sabbath sharing.

There were over 400 kids there this weekend and it was such a spiritual, fun filled weekend.  I'm looking forward to next year...


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