Thursday, September 1, 2011

What I love

I love summer...
I love the freedom...
I love the flowers...
I love the warmth...
I love being outside...

I get severely cranky about going into the classroom when it is 80+ outside
Needless to say I was severely cranky last week when school started at it was close to 90 outside!
I love to teach and I love my job but I would like to propose "Sun Days"

Forget Snow Days - we don't get enough of them
We need "Sun Days" Which would mean that anytime the temperature goes above 82 we MUST let school out immediately!
I truly believe it is what is best for the children!!!

Have you ever taught in a classroom full of teenagers when its 88 outside and 100 inside because there is no air conditioning??? I have and I will tell you there is not a lot of learning going on! It's extreme inhumane conditions and it really needs to stop!

So who's with me?  Let's get this "Sun Days" passed!

"Sun Days"


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  1. I am in! I love the idea of "sun days". Welcome back to blogging. I missed reading it!