Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm so Excited!

Today after teaching my classes and loading up 40 girls there bikes, tents, sleeping bags, suitcases, food, etc Jeff and I are headed to Seattle to meet up with our dear friends from Calhoun!

Last year when I was traumatized thinking I was moving to Florida they drove 8+ hours from Calhoun to spend the weekend with us in Florida which made the whole ordeal so much more enjoyable!  They are just those kind of friends!

 Before that trip they drove all the way down to the Atlanta airport to visit with me for an hour during my layover to Peru.
But this time they are headed our way! Well actually they have meetings in Victoria next week but they are coming out a few days early so we can all hang out in Seattle.

We love these guys so much and can't wait to have them on our side of the country!  They are good old southern folk and its just fun to get them out of their environment and into ours!

When Jeff and I moved to Calhoun we didn't know anyone.  We didn't have any family around and when Darrel and Connie heard that they said "you're our family" and we have been ever since!  They were so amazing to us as we (I) struggled with adjusting to southern living.

When we were all in Florida together Connie was spoiling my kids as usual and in particular was doting on Tyler at the moment asking him what he wanted etc and Ty looked at me and said "I love that woman!"  LOL!  Sadly, the boys can't join us they are heading out for Boys Club Campout.

So our weekend will be exploring Seattle and showing the sights off to our friends.

I hope your weekend has "adventure" in it!


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