Monday, September 19, 2011

Squish Squash

So this weekend we did not have the 90 degree temps we have grown used to...
We had rain...
About the only time that Jeff and I have left to ride our bikes is on the weekends so we decided to tough it out

Saturday we took off in the afternoon and by mile 10, I was done!  It was 58 degrees and pouring and between the rooster tail my hubby was kicking up from his back tire to the massive spray each car spewed our way as they passed, my own back spray and the rain that fell from the sky I was soaked and freezing in record time.  Really if I had jumped into a pool I could not have been wetter!
So I whined...yes I did! I said I'm cold and I'm not having fun lets go home...

But by the time I got home I was feeling pretty proud for suffering 21 miles in the cold rain and I was feeling tough and proud and I had completely forgotten about the whimpering...

So on Sunday my hubby had a plan.  I love it when my man comes up with a plan.We had been invited to my Mom's house Sunday evening for all kinds of celebrating.  Jeff suggested we ride to her house since we now have the luxury of a teenage driver who could drive over with dry clothes and transportation home.
We guesstamated it to be about 30 miles (it was).  I was excited about this plan while it was cloudy there didn't seem to be any rain.  I have wanted to ride over the 205 bridge for some time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

It rained..

A little at first...then just as we were riding onto the bridge the heavens opened up and it POURED! And the bridge traffic was really LOUD and I couldn't see a thing because I don't have wipers on my sunglasses...and I remember thinking to myself "this isn't as fun as I imagined it would be."

Once we arrived in Oregon we stopped to regroup and figure out our route.  I had unwittingly stopped right next to a large mud can I just pause to say that even though I have thought to myself MANY times how funny it would be to splash a pedestrian or biker while driving through a puddle I would NEVER do it...apparently others do not have the same limitations I do...
As we started to go I heard a car coming, revving even, and as I turned to look he hit the puddle and a tsunami wave of mud puddle water hit me full force.  Every last drop hit me.  As I yelled at the bugger and wished rotten milk and bed bugs upon him I reminded myself that I was already soaked and the JOKES ON HIM!!!

We arrived safe and sound and soaked to the bone but feeling proud of our accomplishment.  If anyone knows where I can purchase some eye protection with wiper blades please let me know ASAP.


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