Thursday, September 8, 2011


So, last weekend was my birthday which meant I get to decide what I want to do for the day.
I of course, choose "Adventure"

Jeff and I like to hike and from being pregnant to carrying them, the boys have always joined us.
But as they grew and could no longer be carried their enthusiasm for hiking did not grow.
So in an effort to avoid the complaining I no longer called it a "hike" but an "adventure"...
It didn't take long for them to make the connection... bright boys

Not only did I get to choose what I wanted to do, but there was no whining allowed!
We headed to the Gorge to explore some "new to us" trails.  This is my favorite kind of adventure.  When you don't really know what will happen along the way.

 We started at Oneonta Gorge.  If you've been there you know that it is a narrow gorge with a small river flowing through it and a waterfall at the very end.  The water is glacier melt and extremely cold!

 Jeff, Josh and Ty all swam it.  I had my camera so I managed to do some tricky rock climbing in the name of protecting my camera....

Here we are at the end.  Of course to get back means to swim the ice water again...

We found a new trail that was called "Rock of Ages".  Having grown up here I was excited to discover this in a book.  I had never seen it before and I thought it sounded like a fun adventure...

 The hike was really, really steep! Like climbing a ladder steep (in some places).  My mom and her hubby joined us and we all made it to the arch and the incredible Gorge views.

Jeff and I then did another trail leading up another stream to what was supposed to be "triple falls" but there was only one fall?  But it was beautiful and it involved some waist deep ice water.  We felt so adventurous!

 There are several forest fires in the area which made for a smokey gorge with some beautiful lighting!
I have no words...

After our various hikes the 6 of us headed to Red Robin to celebrate birthdays.  When we told our waiter that 4 of the 6 of us had birthdays (Ty 29th, Me 3rd, Jeff 4th, and Mom 8th) she didn't bat an eye and we all were treated with birthday sundays and singing.

Today is my Mom's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! You are an amazing, inspiring, strong woman and I'm so thankful you're my Mom!  Love you!



  1. You made me cry on my birthday. I'm blessed to be able to share in your adventures. Let's never stop.

  2. somehow I missed this post :( Super glad that I found it tonight!~
    You are looking good lady!