Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break 2012

 Already a memory...

That is the thing about looking forward to something...
It's behind you before you know it!

Day 1 -
Friday was the first official day of break and we decided to tryout the Evergreen water park in Macminville... 1.5 hours away.  I mention the 1.5 hours because we drove the 1.5 hours to discover that when Josh checked the hours of operation he got it wrong...

So plan B....
We went to lunch, OMSI saw OMNIMAX movie Tornado alley and checked out the science center and topped it off with ice cream :)

Day 2 - Monday
Josh had to work and I went to the school and graded papers and did 4th quarter prep...didn't feel like spring break but felt good to get lots done...

Day 3 - Tuesday
Josh had to work, Ty went to a friends house and I worked on my Masters class

Day 4 - Wednesday
1st REAL day of vacation...packed up and headed to the beach with my Mom and her hubby.
Had to drive through snow and lots of it to get to the beach!

Spring snow makes for some pretty pictures...
We arrived in the pouring rain but were thrilled with our house and its location on the beach.
This was the view from the back deck, living room, dining room and kitchen...

We expected rain...
But the weather was really great!  We are talking Oregon Coast in March so the term "great" is relative :)

We saw whales from our deck. :)

Day 4 Thursday
We drove north to Newport to meet up with some other friends also vacationing at the beach

We enjoyed the scenery and local wildlife...

Day 5 - Friday we woke to gorgeous, glorious sunshine :)

We spent the day exploring the sea lion caves, lighthouses, blowholes, and soaking in every drop of sun :)

 The weather was so nice my Mom decided to take a shower :)  sneaker wave :)

Grandpa surveying the scene

 I spent lots of time just climbing around on the rocks and taking pictures

Day 6 Saturday

We drove back up to Newport and explore the aquarium and Marine science center.

 Our last night we had a stunning sunset!

One of the favorite features at the house was the game room with the pinball machine...Josh was the champ :)

It was a great break...

Over too soon!


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