Sunday, May 27, 2012

Heart attack!

Yesterday was lovely...

I decided to stay in my jammies and not go to church...
An act of rebellion...

Jeff and I had been invited up to Mt. Hood for a surprise birthday party for some friends who happened to have our youngest camping with them for the weekend.  After the surprise and a yummy lunch Jeff and I headed out for a hike.

We chose Ramona Falls.  We have hiked it a time or two with the boys when they were little. But it has been at least 10 years since we had been back. Its a beautiful 7 mile hike and we noticed how much easier it was to do without carrying/coaxing our little ones along

Really cool rock cliffs along the way.  The colors in the rocks are amazing

After about 2 hours of vigorous hiking this is the reward.  The mist of the falls rains on you and cools you down.  Its amazing!

 A few years back the Zigzag and Sandy rivers flooded up here. It was amazing to see how much those floods had changed the landscape up there.
 Self portrait :)

 Pesky clouds wouldn't burn off but if you look up the canyon you can see snow that is the South slope of the peak of Mt. Hood.  If it had cleared we would of had a fantastic view of the summit.
We didn't get back to the car until 8 pm, but it was beautiful.  Apparently there had been a bear wandering about but sadly we did not see him/her.

I had submitted my paper on Wed.  So I have been checking to see if it had been graded...
When we got home I checked and saw that it had been returned.  I was too scared to look at the grade so I had Jeff do it...there was a long pause...then he said 95 out of 400.  I was stunned. I wanted to vomit. How could it be?  My overall grade had gone from 97% to 64%...which meant it would all be for nothing...I would have to redo it...

Happily it was a horrible mistake and I received 95% on my paper.  I secretly believe it was one last jab my professor was taking at my mental know teachers are mean unreasonable people! ;p


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  1. Gorgeous pictures! I'm so happy for you that your class turned out so well. What a lot of hard work!!