Monday, December 13, 2010


It's Monday...

Here's a list of what's on my mind...

1.  It's the last week before Christmas break
2.  Teaching will be a challenge!
3.  This weekend is my 22nd Anniversary
4.  I need to start baking, I haven't done any baking for  Christmas yet.
5.  I need to plan the Christmas dinner menu
6.  I need to get my Christmas shopping done
7.  I need to wrap gifts
8.  I need to buy gifts for our headstart party at school tomorrow
9.  I need to go to the gym this morning!
10.  I need to make banana bread with those bananas sitting in the corner...

Happy Monday!



  1. What you need is...a snow make it all slow down!

  2. I'll wrap your presents in exchange for dinner planning and shopping for my family too. *she says hopefully hehehe

  3. Sadly, I did not see this post until after I had wrapped all the gifts! ;)