Monday, October 8, 2012

Kodiak Attack!

Oh baby! It was an exciting weekend!
It was also bitter sweet...

Just in case you don't know -


Josh's freshman year they were 4th
Sophomore year 3rd
Junior year 4th
Senior year 1st!!!!!!!!!!!

These guys played UNBELIEVABLE soccer! It truly was amazing to watch their focus, their effort and their skill! The passing was so much fun to watch! These boys have been playing together 10 years and it shows!

The competition was stiff and I happened to be sitting right next to a dad from the opposing team...Who couldn't stop bragging about how amazing their team was and how fast his son was and how no one had beaten them and they were so amazing blah, blah, blah..............

I just smiled and nodded...

As the game continued he would comment oh #such and such is really good
and # so and so is really good...
and he just kept commenting until he had named every player on our team...
That's right because everyone of them are AWESOME!

It was a hard fought game and we started out behind...
At the half we still hadn't scored...
I was terrified we would lose
Then when we tied it up I was terrified it would go to a shoot out...
Which it has every other year which is incredibly stressful!
Then with only minutes left in the game we scored!

They earned it!
It was such a joy to be part of this with them!
Possibly the most impressive accomplishment was the fact that they took first place and the sportsmanship award! Truly impressive! It has seemed in the past that the sportsmanship award is given to the teams that have no hope of winning...
Not only do our kids have AWESOME skills they are also AWESOME people who play with compassion and heart!
I could not be prouder!

I simply cannot let any of them graduate!
I have a plan...I will fail all of them in my government class... ;)


*I was entirely too nervous to take any pictures of the championship game...
All pictures are from previous games or after the championship game.

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