Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top 10

Yesterday I went for another solo ride...
It was windy so I really missed Jeff!
He's awesome to draft behind :)

Riding can be challenging...
It would be so much nicer if there weren't any cars...
Most drivers are nice...
Some are too nice!

Those that fall into the too nice category-

-drive really, really slow past us - please don't do that...it just prolongs the time we are together and stresses me out
-Gets so far over in the oncoming traffic lane that you risk a head on with another car - really its not necessary if you could just scooch over in the lane so you are hugging the middle line we have enough room

Other drivers are not nice!

-Honk when right next to me
-Trys to get as close to me as possible while passing at 50 miles an hour
-Shares various hand signals with me
-Shouts various words that are not at all encouraging

For the record there are many reasons why we (bikers) may not be as far over as you (drivers - although I realize none of you reading this fall into this category and for that I thank you!) would like us to be.

Top 10 Reasons Why Bikers aren't ridding on the shoulder...

10.  Cars often park on shoulders
9. Trash of all sorts - please don't be a litter bug!
8. Bushes, weeds- when your riding by at 20+ it feels like razors!
7. Pedestrians who walk on the same side as bikers we are the ones that go out into the lane...
6. Rough! The shoulder is often breaking apart or not worn down at all so its very rough to ride on.
5. Loose gravel - this can take a biker down in a hurry and its amazing how much gathers on the shoulder!
4. Dead animals and animal parts - yuck!
3. Construction signs - they fill up the entire shoulder so you have to weave out into traffic to get around.
2. Low hanging branches
1.  There is no shoulder! - Most of our roads just don't have a shoulder to ride on but we do try to stay as far over as possible.

And that's why we aren't on the shoulder :)


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