Monday, February 6, 2012

Ahhh the Weekend!

It was a glorious, sunny, uncomplicated weekend...

Friday night was dinner together at the dinning room table followed by some family games.  Conversation, laughter, family time.  It was such a blessing to hit the pause button in the midst of crazy, insane schedules...

Sabbath was sunny and gorgeous and with no plans Jeff and I took off in search of views of Mt. Hood.  I have been craving time for photography but it is hard to find. The kids were completely uninterested and my oldest was in the midst of teenage angst so we headed out...

 I'm fortunate that Jeff loves to be my assistant and it is a fun couples activity to go out and explore our area
 It took awhile to find just the right spot.  We settled on Steamboat landing in Washougal.  The light was perfect!

 The sun was sunny and wind was windy so it was perfect for kite flying at Wittler park
 Teddy came along on our adventure and loved it :)

One thing I was startled to notice was this mountain...I don't think I have ever noticed Mt. Jefferson from Vancouver before.  Maybe its because St. Helens, Hood and even Adams hog the spotlight...

 I posted the above shot in and a fellow photographer informed me that this ladder was used for people as the came up to the dock which is long gone (only the pilings remain)
Saturday night both of the kids had plans and we didn't so we just sat at home and watched movies.  It was quiet and nice :)

Sunday was frosty, and sunny and gorgeous and I grabbed my camera and my hot assistant and headed up to the Ridgfield wildlife refuge to see what we could find..

 We were excited to spot a river otter right off the bat.  He was on Jeff's side of the car so I handed over my camera and he shot away :)

 At this time of year you are not allowed out of your car and since I don't have a lens the size of a canon its difficult to get some close ups.  Thank goodness for a sunroof and a bird that decided to perch over the road.  Jeff also got this shot he is especially proud of the sun glimmer in the birds eye :)
 We headed home and got our first bike ride in of the season :)  Which was awesome! I like riding so much better than running!

And then....
I have been craving french fries and a milk shake for months...
It was sweet :)

I hope you had a great weekend!

Today is the first day of Historiography...I'm missing the weekend already!


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  1. Sounds like a great weekend and wonderful pictures!