Thursday, February 2, 2012


Do you ever get hiccups?
The kind that lift your insides and turn them inside out?
I used to get them when I was a kid and they hurt!
Nothing would fix them
-teaspoon of sugar
-being scared
-holding my breath

A while back I read somewhere, I don't remember where, that if you offered someone cash if they hiccuped, one more time, they wouldn't be able to do it...

Sunday we were shopping for the boys and Ty got a bad case of hiccups...the kind that are painful
Without telling him what I was doing I looked in my wallet, I had a $10 and a $20...
I was nervous...I didn't want to hand over my cash but I really wanted to know if it would work so I plucked out the $10 and dangling it in front of Ty I said "hiccup one more time"
He couldn't do it!  I breathed a sigh of relief and he just looked stumped...

He really wanted that $10 and couldn't believe it had worked so easily...

Try it if you dare :)


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