Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Night lights

Can you read it?  Sizzle Pie a pizza joint in Portland.  Last night I headed out with some students and fellow photogs to take some night pictures in Ptown.

It was fun.  I have very poor skills when it comes to "low light photography" so I appreciated the opportunity to practice and it was fun as we all looked at each others shots

It was a gorgeous evening.  Chilly, I have learned early on that if you are going to be a photographer you better know how to dress warm and a pair of gloves is ESSENTIAL!

We played with light.  This is a blue flashlight.  The kids had fun writing their names and making designs we also painted this statue

This is one of my favorite shots of the evening :)

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  1. In my opinion, 3 days is too long to have to wait for a Shelly blog post. Missing you.