Thursday, March 3, 2011

Passion - 4

The Northwest~

Yes, I have a deep seeded passion for the beautiful NW!
I was born and raised here...
It runs deep in my veins...
It fills my lungs and makes my heart sing...

And as much as I love to travel...
In the end I want to come home...
As you know, I often am ready to pack my bag and leave...
But I always want to come home...

And there are times I am tempted to live somewhere else...
but I know it would be a temporary move...
Because, I will always want to come home

There are so many amazing, fascinating, gorgeous, fun places in the world to visit
but, in my opinion there is only one place to call home...

Sun River

Beacon Rock, The Gorge

Mt. Hood


Mt. Adams

Yale Lake (Mt. St. Helens)

Pikes Market, Seattle

La Conner, Washington


Hunky Northwest Guy!

Cedar Creek

Battle Ground

The Gorge

Pacific Ocean

Haystack Rock

Horsetail Falls

Yale Lake

Our road when it snows...
Willamette River

That was a lot of pictures...
Believe me, I held back...
I couldn't have posted hundreds!


Yesterday was Academy Day at CAA
My baby was there...
I realized I had gone to Academy Day at CAA,
30 years ago!!!!!!!!!

Ugh, I am SO old! :(

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  1. That is an amazing selection of NW pictures! Loved it! I still want the Cedar Creek one for my wall on a canvas. *smile