Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If Summers over why is it so sunny??

So it was just a month ago when I got the call about CAA.

Now I have one last day of summer before the first day of school...

I have nested in my new office...

And my new classroom...

I have even come up with visually stimulating bulletin boards ;)

My home office has been reestablished as well...

I'm excited but I'll be honest...

I really enjoyed my freedom,

but I was lonely,
but I needed a challenge,
but I liked driving the kids to school in my jammies,
but I like teaching

but I wonder how I will have time for the things I have had time for

but I get to hang out with teenagers which I actually like

but now that I live with teenagers maybe I won't like them as much???
Yes, I will!

So here's to another year of part-time teaching!


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