Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Have you been to Fall Festival at CAA?
I believe I was 12 the first time I attended Fall Festival.  That was 30 years ago!  Ugg I have to pause here and feel old....

I remember getting so excited about Fall Festival that I would get a stomach ache!  I could not wait for the sun to set and the party to begin.

Here I am my freshman year at CAA at Fall Festival

And here I am again last year.

I figure I've been to FF approximatetly 20 times (give or take a few).  I've come as a kid, a grown up, a parent, a teacher, a parent volunteer, and this year I'm the SA sponsor which means I run the whole thing...

I have an amazing group of people to work with!  If it weren't for them this year would be a disaster!  I don't know what I'm doing!  The details are killing me!

  • How many booths can you fit on the east wall? 
  •  Did you know that the booths with power have to go under the sound booth and between the bathrooms?
  • Did you know that it takes several teenagers and hours of work and several days to rip the tickets into $10, $20 and $50 bundles?
  • Did you know SA provides the paint for the signs? and the tape for the floor and butcher paper and the tickets themselves? Which by the way all costs a pretty penny!
  • Did you know that we are making the ticket booth into a covered wagon this year?
  • Do you know how to make a covered wagon out of butcher paper, pcp pipe and scrap wood?  If so give me a call ASAP!
  • Did you know that I have to get a costume for this weekend and I have no idea, where or when I will accomplish this?
  • Should I go with the Little House on the Prairie look or the Sheriff?
  • Did you know that SA has to make the "gym map" assigning everyone a space for their booth?  And did you know that it doesn't all fit together easily??? Especially when someone decides they want a 16X12 bouncy house in the gym and you can't move the rope ladder because there is a thingy in the floor that it must attach to and you can't move the bucking bronco because there a thingies in the ceiling it much attach to and you can't move the free throw booth because you need the hoop...
  • And did you know that you can't have a pie in the face booth anymore because they voted a few years ago that we can't do that anymore...(no I didn't know...grrrr)
Our theme is Westward Bound.  I suggested Westward Ho... but times have changed and that just wasn't gonna work..

I'm really, really hoping it all pulls together.

Come out Sat night and see for yourself


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