Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bad Aditude!

I'm afraid I have a bad attitude about the holiday.

I believe, and know, Jesus is the reason for the season...
However, "knowing" this, isn't helping me...

The following a list of my "bah humbug"

1.  It completely overshadows, swallows up, stomps on and grinds up Thanksgiving

2.  While Christmas trees are nice they don't make me smile like pumpkins do...

3.  Every direction you turn is BUY, BUY, BUY.

4.  The grumpiest people on the planet suddenly invade EVERY store I need to go into.  They are rude, pushy and buying EVERY item they can with their shopping cart overflowing and kids screaming.

5.  Those stupid bells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6.  No matter that I have just emptied my wallet at the last ringing red bucket the next person manages to make me feel guilty...then the person at the cash register asking if I want to "round up" or "donate a toy" or "contribute" to the needy...

7.  Fudge - It makes me FATTER

8.  The PRESSURE! - For staying in the budget.  For remembering everyone. For getting it all done...

9.  Even though I've never succeeded before, I suddenly believe that I'm able to make the perfect;
~ Christmas card to send to everyone
~ to make the yummiest treats for my family
~ to buy the perfect gifts at unbelievable bargain prices
~ to decorate my house inside and out
~ to be generous and giving to everyone that asks
~ to make sure Jesus is the reason for the season and not the gifts your kids are really hoping for...
~to be happy at all those Christmas programs I must attend
~to keep a smile on my face and stay calm at all times.

10.  That no matter how many years I tell myself to chill out and enjoy I never can...

I'm sure by now some of you who are all sparkly, snowy, Christmas lovers are traumatized by my bah humbug list.

Stay tuned for the reasons I do like Christmas...  ;)


1 comment:

  1. I love #5 and #9.
    I always wish that we had a few months to celebrate Thanksgiving... while I love Christmas... I love Thanksgiving equally as much!