Thursday, November 18, 2010

FlashLight Literary Society

Last night was book club night.

I've written about book club night before...
It never disappoints...

We read the Wednesday Sisters this time...
and in the book there is a section where they talk about the Kentucky Derby..
So our hostess choose that for the theme and requested we all wear Derby hats...
And as is the case whenever I'm required to dress up, I panicked!

Dressing up for some people is so natural, so fun...
Why is it so terrifying for me?

Well, for one, I don't keep I don't have a trunk full of clothes from days gone by...

But thankfully my SOS was responded to and Jasmine snagged me a hat...and that's all I could do...

Thankfully, my friends are very accepting of my shortfalls!

There are so many wonderful parts to the FLS...
Each month the hostess goes to a tremendous amount of work to prepare yummy, fun meals...

The food is chosen to go along with the theme.  Tonight we had mint juleps, Derby pie and other wonderful recipes straight from the Kentucky Derby!

My very favorite part of this club is the friendship.  I have come to know people I didn't have any contact with before joining this group.  Our common bond is books and that's a lovely thing to bond over!

We listen to each other's opinions, we laugh with each other and we've been known to shed a few tears on each other's behalf.

Wednesday Sisters is a story of friends who meet each other in a park and slowly, in my opinion VERY slowly become friends or "sisters".  They bond over books and writing.  Through the course of the story you learn different things about each character as they learn about each other.

I believe to a degree, that is what is happening with us.  We don't meet every week as the characters in the book do.  Only once a month.  And some in our group are closer to each other than others.  But we value each other and miss members when they aren't there.  Last night 3 were gone.  We missed them!

As women we are very lucky to have friendships!
Reach out to your friends today and let them know how valued they are!


P.S.  Hey SP  pink or blue?

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  1. You FREAK!!!!
    Love it... ALL of it!
    Where is the pic of my awesome borrowed hat???
    and no fair that you got photos up before me! JK!

    We are blessed and I believe bonding closer as well.