Monday, November 8, 2010

100th Post and Fall Festival Pics

Wow! I can't believe I've done this 100 times now!  Thanks for hangin with me!

So, if you didn't have a chance to come to Fall Festival, you are in luck!
Here are some pictures of the amazing work done in preparation for the event. As well as what things looked like when all was up and going.

Let me just say, that it takes weeks of planning, organizing and coordinating  the big event.  Then it takes Wed, pm, Thur pm and all afternoon Friday to get things set up and prepared for the doors to open.   It is a crazy madhouse right up to the opening moments and then it just all comes together somehow and works...

It is frantic. It is crazy.  It is stressful!  It is amazing to see what can be accomplished!

 This was built by Mr. Belin.  No problem for him!  Wow, nice touch!

 Looks much better with the lights off!
Do you see the jewels glowing in the mine?  It turned out so cool!

 After....WOW Circle the wagons friends!
 Amazing art work!  Thanks Julia!

 Our covered wagon ticket booth worked like a charm!
 Buckin bronco...

 Lasso booth!

 Yes, this cowboy's underthings are showing....that's my kid!  Wonder what they would have done back in the day to a real cowboy if his underoos were showing???

This cracks me up!

This cracks me up!  Look how everyone is holding their hands! :)  Thanks parent volunteers.  You rock!

The place really fills up!

 Panning for treasures

Fruit Kabob anyone?  I'm sure they had these on the trail west! ;)

 I love how all the booths fit with the theme...notice the wanted posters...
And yes, even I tried to fit into the theme...

What is shocking is how fast it all comes down.  We were headed home by 11:45 pm.  Everything cleaned up and put away!

3 days of putting it up, 2 hours to take it down...sigh


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  1. Congratulations on a successful FF (my kids had fun, especially Elleri) and also for 100 posts!! That's inspiring!