Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

I really, really don't like "halloween"
I really, really love kids dressed up as princesses and cuddly animals...

I have no problem with kids ringing my doorbell and asking for candy.
It's sweet and neighborly and I'm disappointed when the trick or treators don't come.

But what I really, really don't like is all the scary garbage!

Today I was at my oh so hated walfart...and right in the entrance  was a demonic looking skeleton with glowing red eyes and creepy laugh.  If you walked into that store there was no avoiding it!   It scared me! 

But what really made me sick was the little precious innocent, sweet faced cherub sitting in the cart staring at this creature.  The parent encouraging the kid to look at it..."see honey, see the glowing eyes and the bony face,  and when you get close to it it makes scary noises!"  It is only for the kids sake that I hope he doesn't wake up screaming tonight...I wouldn't mind if that parent had a sleepless night as a result of it!

We live in a society where Christmas is taboo but halloween is revered.... sigh...

I have never liked being scared. Never.  I don't understand those who do...

When I was in high school, I had some friends that loved scary movies.  I spent a few sleepovers where I literally sat on the couch with a blanket over my head and my ears plugged for 2 hours until the movie was over.  I was too freaked out to leave the room!

It's a sad thing to me that those sweet little kids with their darling costumes of princesses and superheros often grow up and suddenly they are dressing like mass murderers and prostitutes :(

So I choose to celebrate "trick or treat" day.  I don't even like the word halloween... What i do like is pumpkins and candy and fall leaves...

Tonight the boys had a few friends over and we went trick or treating and made a hall!  It was fun.  I loved seeing all the princesses and cuddly animals!
But what I loved the very most was what my teenage boys decided to "be" this year :)
Honestly they choose it!  It was convenient that when we ran to Fred Meyers at 6pm on Oct 31 and these were the only two costumes their size..

My oldest had to toughen up his look by carrying an air soft rifle around with him

While we were out "trick or treating" a boy I would guess was 6 took note of Josh's costume.  He said "a panda with an assault rifle, that's the scariest thing I've seen tonight!"
Hmmm, I hope so!

The scariest thing I've seen tonight is the 20lbs of candy on my living room floor!  This is just one pile,  multiply it by 4. 

I know just what to bribe my students with this week!

Happy Trick or Treat!


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  1. What I don't like about "All Hallows Eve" is the scary movie commercials. Never mind the effect on the kids (just don't let your little ones watch any TV from Sept 1 to Nov 30); this is about me. I hate that stuff. I like to be scared. A good creepy story, a monster movie (love aliens) -- that's all good. But the disturbing stuff, the gory stuff... it's just in bad taste. People want that, that's their right, but why subject me to it in all the commercials. Trailers at the theater, posters. Yuck.

    Well, we're past the worst of it now.

    And I LOVE Thanksgiving.