Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My husbando and I have been together for over 25 years...
For those 25 Thanksgivings we have either..

A. lived in some god forsaken place like Florida
B. Had Thanksgiving in Walla Walla with his grandparents

However, due to certain circumstances, this year will be different.  We will celebrate Thanksgiving here with my Mom.

Let me be clear in saying, I love Jeff's grandparents dearly!  I honestly do.  They really are my grandparents at this point!

What I don't enjoy is being stuck in Walla Walla for the holiday.  Not a lot happening there.  The family we visit there are very busy and we tend to just sit around feeling the food we just ate gently take over our thighs and midsections as well as our backsides...A very disturbing feeling I assure you!

My Mom has been a great sport about it.  She gathers the family the Saturday before Thanksgiving and we eat a full on Thanksgiving meal.   Then, 4 days later we drive to Walla Walla and eat another Thanksgiving meal.

Friends, one Thanksgiving meal does enough damage, but having two every year is a really, really, bad thing!

So, only one Turkey day meal and Portland and Mt. Hood to keep me busy. I won't miss the 8 hours of driving either!

But I will miss these two!

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  1. Probably a good thing you guys won't be driving with this crazy weather front we are having... and who knows? we might bump into each other!