Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A List!

A List

1. Finished HIST556 US Constitutional History with an A!

2. Enjoyed Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning with lots a family and food

3.  Didn't gain any weight!

4.  Still haven't finished a puzzle which was begun on Christmas morning. 8 different people have worked on it at various times...hours have been spent and still this is what we have to show for it...

5.  We were to go skiing today but alas it is 42, raining with 80 mile winds up there...

6.  We will go bowling instead :)

7.  Took the family to see Mission Impossible to see a movie in the middle of the day AND we had a gift certificate so it was FREE! :)

8.  Finished reading "Lost in Shangri-La" - loved reading just for the joy of it again... (not for class)

9.  Finished kitty sitting for a kitty that only loves his momma...challenging weekend to kitty sit given all the family and festivities but his momma is back and all is well!

10.  Slept in our own bed last night! After 3 nights of sleeping in Josh's bed Jeff and I were getting more aggressive towards each other in our sleep.  We were fighting for space (he is a HUGE bed HOG!)

Endorsement:  Have you watched "Snowball Express" lately?  Do it!


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