Friday, December 2, 2011

December - at time for CRAZY

Now that December has arrived...

3rd - Friends over for lunch :)
4th - Banquet -- maybe squeeze in picking up a tree between decorating tables at venue and leaving for actual banquet.
8th - Headstart Party - hosting 18 sweet kiddos - gifts, songs, and Santa :)
10th - School Christmas Concert - Thankfully only 1 this year! Yea for kids in the same school :)
16th - Faculty Christmas party hosted at the Fry residence
18th - 23rd Wedding Anniversary :)
24th - Fry Christmas Party - At mom in laws home
25th - 20 Page research paper on the 2nd Amendment due - seems oh so cruel that this is due on Christmas - my goal is to finish the week before...we shall see...should probably start writing...
25th - Christmas brunch at Fry home
26th - Read a book that has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment!

Wed morning 10 minuets before I was supposed to have Ty to the orthodontist I remembered I needed to get Ty to the orthodontist...fortunately its only 5 min from our house.

After arriving at the Ortho appt only 3 min late I pulled out my book "America's Constitution: A Biography" (a real page turner!) and began reading the 100 pages I needed to accomplish that day.  When  I overheard the receptionist tell a client she was panicking because she just looked at the calender and noticed that there were only 3 weekends until Christmas...

I immediately felt my blood pressure rising...

I would love to have Christmas cards this year.  Lovely creative ones with a picture or two on them...
I would love to buy some thoughtful gifts for those I love
I would love to bake to my hearts content
I would love to call up friends and plan shopping dates

At this point I don't even know when we can get a tree in our house :(

And I know that everyone's schedule this time of year is some variation of that above...
Why do we let this happen every year?
Is it my insistence on not thinking about Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving?
Perhaps I should allow myself to at least figure out the Christmas cards pre-Thanksgiving...
I actually received my first card the day after Thanksgiving! Now that's planning...

Christmas absolutely whacks me upside the head! 

I have a love/hate relationship with it.

Anyone else feel this way?


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