Friday, December 9, 2011

Girl Card...

I have discovered I enjoy playing the "girl card" when it is convenient for me.

It took me several years to appreciate the benefits (and not be defensive) of my feminine side...
I was busy trying to prove that I could do anything a man could...
Then one day I got tired...

I am now satisfied that I can do anything I put my mind to...
I am now wiser and with that wisdom comes the knowledge that I don't have to prove myself anymore...
I have also realized it is VERY important to teach our men to be strong.

I would much rather be married to a man or raise sons that will come to my aid then be married/raising men that sit on their behinds not feeling needed.

When I was small my god-mother sent my brother and I two plaques for our rooms.
One was for me about girls being made of sugar and spice and everything nice...
and boys being made of something and slugs and puppy dog tails...
I can't remember the rest of the poems but I do remember the message...
Girls are sweet and boys are...made of slugs and puppy dog tails.

My point being that the men are for the icky stuff and the heavy lifting...and that's ok
They like it that way.

So I play the girl card when I can.
Heavy lifting and three men in the house = girl card
Spider on the wall = girl card
Clogged toilet = girl card
Cutting down the Christmas tree = girl card

Or course now that my two "little ones" have grown to be "men" I have much more opportunity to play the girl card.

However, it is important for our men to be "well-rounded" and therefore important for them to understand that the "girl card" does not mean "womens work"

So they must learn how to cook and do laundry and understand that compliments and flowers are an important part of life.

However, I have discovered them playing the "boy card"
laundry on floor next to empty hamper = boy card
Can't find anything = boy card
Seat up on toilet = boy card
I forgot (fill in the blank) = boy card

Actually, I love the three men I live with!
I am proud of them and who they are growing to be.
They amaze me with their kindness and protectiveness

I am a lucky girl!


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  1. Yes, you are very blessed but so are the three men in your life to have such an insightful "girl".