Thursday, December 8, 2011

3 Days

I've just ended a 3 day self sequestering
My goal was to write my 20 page research paper
On the 2nd Amendment...

Day one was slow and frustrating
Day two ditto...
Day three was more productive and over all I feel better about it...

This Masters program is a long road
I'm impatient...

Today I head back out into the real world...
Today is Headstart party at the school.
Gifts will be delivered!
Songs will be sung!
Santa is coming!

Also, my Christmas cards showed up in the mail!
Less than 48 hours after ordering them
All 100 of them!
I ordered and paid for 50...
They sent 100...

When does that happen?
Get double what you pay for and/or expect?

Have a super terrific productive day!


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