Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So I am free from the burden of studying for a Masters class for 6 weeks! I have decided to take January off as I transition into adding another class to my schedule at CAA.  I began my Masters last May and I've been taking a class ever since, sadly that is only 2 of the 13 I need.  They are 16 week courses and they take forever! Which means I will be 92 when I get this done!  On the bright side I have now completed all I needed to get myself re-certified which means a pay raise :)

In other news, thanks for those who have said encouraging words regarding my photography.  When I grow up I really do want to be a travel photographer... In the mean time I have entered Captureclarkcounty.com.  You can enter 20 pictures each week of Clark County and/or SW Washington.  They are making a coffee table book and will include pictures selected from those of us who have submitted.  I think it would be so exciting to have a picture published!
Things started off well when I was "awarded" Picture of the Day (POD) twice in a row!  What that means is that the editors (whoever they are) choose my picture (for whatever reasons) and my picture was posted front and center for those days.  There are other "awards" that can be won, such as receiving 100 votes, etc.  I have discovered several friends on the site and there are some AMAZING pictures.  Check it out if you haven't already and cast some votes if you like :)

Today is the first day I don't HAVE to do anything...and I like it! But because I'm me and it freaks me out to look at a day of empty I have the luxury of deciding what I would like to do...

-run at the gym (I've been running 4 miles lately and while its painful I'm so proud afterwards, its a sickness)

-Take Ty to Next Adventure and buy him board boots (It will be nice to have some one-on-one time with my youngest - Josh is working all day)

-Bake - I intend to WOW Jeff's offices with my award winning snowball cookies :)

-Rearrange my family room (because I'm certain the dust bunnies under the couch could take on an beat my golden retriever!)

-Take my golden retriever for a long walk


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