Monday, November 18, 2013

10 things I learned when I went to Belize

It seems like a dream now...
A week ago today was gloriously sunny and we played in the sea and pool all day...
Hard to imagine as I look out my window this morning...
A place like that is coexisting with us at this very moment...
The world is such a large, incomprehensible place!

Here are 10 things I have learned since traveling to Belize...

1.  It can happen! After talking and planning and wishing for 6 years, we made it! Every time I travel internationally I am in shock! When something turns from dream to reality it is a powerful thing!

2.  That traveling without students, children, is incredibly relaxing! I established a no friend rule while we were gone.  Jeff and I were not to make any friends on this trip it was just he and I.  It was wonderful! 

3.  The Caribbean Sea is freakishly warm! Even in November the end of their rainy season.

4.  The Belizian people are the warmest, friendliest people I have ever met!

5.  There are very few flying bugs (aka flies, etc) so most places in Belize are wide open and most homes don't even has glass windows, just a wooden shutter.

6.  Bring mosquito spray when you go to the Jungle!

7.  They have ginormous fern like bushes that grow in the Jungle.  What we would call a "forest" is a jungle there and instead of "normal" trees that we are used to there are palm trees and palm fronds and vines and things that will poison you if you touch it and SNAKES! However, I did not see a single snake!

8.  It is so incredibly easy to sneak into Guatemala that you can do it while looking for passport control!

9.  Belize is the only country I have ever visited that charges you to leave! We had to pay at tax of almost $40. US!

10.  You can travel to a place and forget all of your worries and responsibilities and focus on the man who has helped make your life everything you ever dreamed it could be!


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