Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 Graduations...

As I mentioned yesterday last weekend was busy...

First up, was my "daughter's" graduation

 I'm gonna miss this girl!

 Josh is gonna miss his "big sister"!

We stuck around long enough to celebrate and eat cake and then we were in the car headed for Walla Walla
Josh was at the wheel...

My very favorite nephew!  Ok he's my only nephew but he's still my FAVE!

His dad, Jeff's brother, my brother in law and my kids uncle, gave the commencement speech
So that meant he got to give Zach his diploma which I thought was cool!

Love this! Big sis giving little bro a kiss!
This is acceptable behavior if you are brother sister....

NOT if you are brother and brother....

 Hello, Fry men! 

This picture cracks me up...they both look so fascinated by the diploma!

The cousins plus that pesky boyfriend that keeps hanging on....


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