Friday, June 17, 2011

A List

  • I'm almost done with my assignment!  I worked so hard yesterday and I only have two left!
  • Josh had a basketball game last night and had an awesome blocked shot!
  • Tyler's allergies are killing the poor boy! I think I'm gonna call an allergist zyrtek is just not cutting it!
  • Josh has his drivers test today so if he passes he will be another licensed teenage boy on the road...
  • Tyler is having a friend over today...
  • Jeff's uncles grandson who is only 15 months old needs a liver very sad, they need prayers!
  • Because of the transplant they may not be in Nashville this next week and we have a plane ticket for Josh to fly there Sunday...not sure what will happen
  • Tomorrow we are headed to the beach for the day!
  • Yesterday Jeff's "Grammy" turned 90!  She is amazing!

  • Thank you Judy for taking some of my lettuce bounty!
  • My cat is driving me nuts!
The End,


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